The Great Pancake Race


UBC Okanagan’s inaugural Great Pancake Race was held October 11. The fastest team — with a record-setting time of 56 seconds, was Team Cube from Student Housing and Hospitality Services. Posing with the coveted Golden Frying Plan trophy are, from left, Maaike Ammerlaan, Debbie Harding, Susie McCormick and Jace Ma (captain).

It’s frantic fun with flap-jacks!

icon_blue_pancake_raceDate: Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Time: 9:45 to 10:30 a.m.
Location: Central Courtyard

The Great Pancake Race originated with our Vancouver colleagues seven years ago, and it’s about time the fun came to the Okanagan campus, too!


Thanks to UBC Okanagan Food Services, the following prizes of guest cards for on-campus food services were awarded:

  • Fastest team — $20 Guest Card for each member
    • Winning team was Student Housing and Conference Services — Team Cube. They finished with an all-time record-breaking time of 56.5 seconds, which had been considered impossible just moments before.
    • Plus Team Cube received the coveted Gold-coloured  Frying Pan, which they keep until next year’s race!
  • Best Team Costume — $15 guest card for each member
    • Winning team was Spideys and Wonder Woman representing the offices of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Associate Vice-President Finance and Operations, and the Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention.
  • Second-fastest team — $15 guest card for each member
    • The Flippers from IT, Media and Classroom Services finished in second place, with a time of 1:17.
    • Making history, Rosemary Thompson ran the first leg for The Flippers to become the very first UBC Okanagan Great Pancake Race runner.

What is the race?

Teams are made up of four racers (preferably in team costumes), competing against another team of four. We’ll run pairs of teams in heats until everyone has raced.

At the start, the first racer will put on the racing apron and race across the courtyard for 25 metres holding a pancake in a frying pan.

That sounds pretty easy. But wait! There’s more. At the half-way marker, you’ll have to flip that pancake in the air (minimum flipping height is 30 centimeters). If the pancake falls to the ground, it’s back to the starting line.

Racers then complete the 25-metre run and hand the apron and frying pan to the next racer. And so on until all four racers have successfully completed the mission.

After all heats are done, the fastest team claims the Gold-coloured Frying Pan.