How your donation helps

Our goals 

Our involvement with the United Way over the past year inspired people to contribute hundreds of hours of community service and our fund-raising efforts contributed $38,713 toward the region’s total of $1.45 million.

Our fund-raising will directly contribute to helping thousands people through United Way-funded organizations in our region.

Through the fall of 2017, our goal is to help 2,500 people by supporting the United Way.

A fund goal: We intend to raise $40,000 by encouraging UBC Okanagan employees to give through payroll deduction, and by hosting fun events on campus.

A participation goal: Last year, about 5% of UBC Okanagan employees contributed by making an e-pledge — a payroll deduction contribution. This year we hope to double participation through this most convenient and high-impact way of supporting the United Way.

If 140 people give by making a payroll e-pledge for any amount in 2017, we will meet our goal.

All UBC Okanagan employees will receive an email in early October 2017, with personalized links to the UBC United Way epledge form. Please consider giving — or giving again — this year. 

Dollars at Work in Your Community

Your gift to United Way helps to improve lives and create lasting change in the community. Your support gives children the best possible start in life, keeps them connected as they grow, and helps seniors to stay independent. Your donation also helps many others who are vulnerable, such as immigrants and newcomers, and those living in poverty or at risk of homelessness.

United Way of the Central and South Okanagan funds programs and services in many communities throughout the region. Each community faces its own unique and individual needs. United Way recognizes this and helps fund specific programs that meet these challenges.

Your gift makes a difference


  • can help provide one special hamper loaded with eggs, milk, cheese, produce, and other nutritious food to help nourish an at-risk mom-to-be.
  • can help provide 10 seniors with healthy meals for a day while they make new friends and expand their social networks.


can help one single parent access family drop-in programs outside regular work hours, so he or she can connect with neighbours, programs and services needed to nurture and support growing children.


  • can help one family get connected to a family drop-in program, so they can make new friends, find parenting support, and get serious about playing together!
  • can help provide one basket of fresh, locally grown produce to at-risk children, families and seniors.


can help one child attend a program and gain knowledge through storybooks, literacy assistance and parent support.


can help one child attend a bullying prevention workshop. This interactive, community approach gives kids the skills they need to build healthy relationships – and break the cycle of abuse, neglect, harassment and violence that are root causes of bullying.

$2.08 off your pay cheque ($50/yr)

can help one isolated immigrant senior become an active participant in our community, by giving him or her access to helpful information, skills and support.