2021 events

Thank you for visiting the events page. In the context of COVID-19 and the evolving directives from the BC Public Health Authority, there will be limited in-person fundraising events for the 2021 campaign.

Wine Survivor

Casting call is now open! | Deadline to apply: Mon., Nov. 1, 2021 @ 12 p.m. | Apply to: and

Super fan? First timer? Now is your chance to play the game of Survivor. Just like the television show, players are needed who can outwit, outplay and outlast each other in this adventure. There is a twist to this version of the game. Instead of enduring harsh weather and scarce quantities of food, all a player has to do is pledge to this year’s UBC Okanagan United Way workplace campaign and donate a bottle of wine to the game.

Three prizes to be won! Third place will receive 10%, second place will receive 20%, and the sole survivor will receive 70% of all wine bottles!

Game Rules: 

Wine Survivor will premiere on Mon., Nov. 1, 2021. All players’ names will be entered into a randomized name picker open source program on Nov. 1, and each day following, one name will be randomly selected using this name picker for who is being voted out. An email will be sent to all players around 3 p.m. each day with the announcement of who is leaving the game and who remains (weekdays only).

Dec. 1, 2021 is the final draw and players will learn who are the final three survivors to take home the wine (date subject to be adjusted based on how many players are in the game).


Players can increase their odds by forming an alliance with a colleague(s).  Note: The colleague(s) must be still active in the game when the alliance is formed. Please notify the game hosts, Anita and Erika, with the names of the people in your alliance, should you decide to form one. You also have the option of keeping your alliance a secret. If shared, alliances will appear in the emails to the players.

How to Audition:

  1. Send an e-mail to both and  to hold a place on the players list.
  2. Make a pledge or donation to the UBCO United Way workplace campaign. For more information on how to donate, please see the donate page. If you prefer to give a cash donation, please email Anita and Erika to coordinate this.
  3. Participate in two ways:
    Drop off your $15-20 bottle of wine, or
    Drop off $15-20 and your hosts will purchase the wine on your behalf.
    Note: If you choose to make a cash donation to the UBCO United Way workplace campaign, you can drop this off at the same time.

ONLY when all three of the above are done, players will be confirmed for 2021 Wine Survivor. Don’t delay as you might miss out!