Our 2017 Okanagan campus campaign launched with a Week of Caring October 10 through 13. Events included:

Students’ Union United Way Barbecue
(Wednesday, Nov. 8 — 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the Central Courtyard).

Enjoy a barbecue by donation — hosted by the UBC Students’ Union Okanagan, with all donation going to the United Way!

Wine Survivor

Wine Survivor is the strategy game across campus for wine-lovers and Survivor fans. The 2017 “season” begins mid–November, with the ultimate winner to be announced on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 12 noon during the Bake Sale and Silent Auction in the Fipke Centre.

Giant Bake Sale and SilentAuction

(Tuesday, Dec. 5 in the Fipke Centre foyer).

  • Note the Bake Sale and Silent Auction will now be held Tuesday, Dec. 5 — The annual giant UBC Okanagan Bake Sale is a great place to pick up all your baked goods for the upcoming holiday season! Delicious cakes, cupcakes, awesome bread, and other delectables will be on sale, thanks to he tremendous community of bakers who so generously contribute to this annual fund-raiser.
  • This year, we’re holding a silent auction featuring extraordinary cakes and confections from some of the finest bakers on campus.
  • Want to donate some of your own baking? Cookies, muffins, cupcakes, squares, bread, cakes — it’s all warmly welcomed for the bake sale!Contact Bake Sale organizer Rosemary Thompson or let us know using the handy online form.

Payroll e-Pledge Prize Draws

All payroll e-pledges received by December 4, 2017, will be eligible for the major prize draw

To make a payroll contribution, visit the epledge web page

What is a Pit Stop?

UBC Okanagan Pit Stops give all staff and faculty an opportunity to gather together, enjoy a cup of coffee, have some good snacks, collaborate with colleagues, meet new people and catch up with friends.

When you attend a Pit Stop, don’t forget to bring your Toonie for the United Way donation box.

Festive goodies were the fare at the UBC Okanagan Bookstore's Pit Stop on December 2, 2106. (Photo by Michelle Lamberson)

Festive goodies were the fare at the UBC Okanagan Bookstore’s Pit Stop in December last year. Join us for the United Way PitStop in the University Centre Ballroom (UNC200) from 10 to 11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 13, 2017!  (Photo by Michelle Lamberson) 

Get involved!

Want to get involved in our United Way efforts? It’s easy to be a part of our growing team of volunteers

UBC Okanagan makes a difference in our community.

By supporting the United Way, our contributions of funding and volunteers help improve the lives of struggling families, lonely seniors, and underprivileged children. Without your support, none of this would be possible.

Recent events

      • A special United Way Pit Stop

        (Friday, Oct. 13 — 9:30 to 11 a.m. the University Centre Ballroom UNC200).

        Take a Friday morning coffee-break with your colleagues. Bring a $2 toonie for the United Way.

        What’s so special abut this Pit Stop? It features the second-annual Office Triathlon! Enter the games for a $2 donation.

        The best golf-putting, paper airplane-throwing and bean-bag tossing could earn you an official and highly prized UBC gold (chocolate) medal. And, of course, a year’s worth of bragging rights around the office.

      • A big BBQ fundraiser 

        (Tuesday, Oct. 10 — 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the central courtyard).
        A $5 donation to the United Way gets you a burger (beef or veggie) and a drink — come with your colleagues and enjoy the afternoon.

        A special photo booth will be available — dress up like a rock star (we are rock stars when we help your community) and pose for a great photo you can take home or put up in your office.

      • The Flip ‘n Fun Race

        (Tuesday, Oct. 10 — during the BBQ — from 12:30 to 1 p.m. in the central courtyard).
        Students, faculty and staff are welcome to enter teams of four for a chance to win the coveted Okanagan Gold-coloured Frying Pan. Entry fee is $2 per team member. Costumes encouraged!(Team captains, please submit a list of your team members by Monday, Oct. 9).

        Which student or department team will own the Gold Pan this year?

      • The UBC Okanagan Library Book Sale

        (Wednesday, Oct. 11 in the Library).
        Always a popular fund-raiser for the United Way, the Library Book Sale is your chance to pick up some new (-to-you) books and DVDs. All proceeds go to the United Way.

        Donations of books (cookbooks and novels are especially popular), CDs and DVDs, are gratefully accepted at the Library Service Desk. No textbooks please.