How your donation helps

2018 Campaign Success

Our involvement with the United Way Southern Interior BC over the past year inspired our on-campus community to:

  • Give $40,951.87 dollars through payroll e-pledge and  special events
  • Contribute hundreds of volunteer hours
  • Plan and execute 11 special events
  • Sponsor two prize draws to encourage payroll donations

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made this happen!

2019 Campaign Goals

  • Fund-raising goal: $40,000 through UBC Okanagan payroll e-pledges and various donations
  • Participation goal: 5% participation of all UBC Okanagan employees in the payroll e-pledge program

Note: In the context of COVID-19, we are keeping the targets that same as 2018, knowing our internal campus community may also be faced with challenges during this time.

Learn more about the United Way and why you too should give.

Learn more about the UBC Okanagan payroll e-pledge and how easy it is to give.